10 Tips For Healthy Skin

Today I would like to share some tips on how to have healthy looking skin.

By definition, healthy skin is well contoured, soft and smooth. Free from acne, firm and tight, homogeneous in color and tolerant to the environment. It is the state whereby the skin is flawless, much like how it does in childhood, when all cells are optimally functioning and in harmony.

If you take a look at the cross-section of the skin, you will see that it has the outer epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. There are many blood vessels, nerves and sweat glands underneath the skin.

So if you want to have healthy-looking skin you need a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Avoid the Sun. Sunlight is a main cause of wrinkles and aging. So you should avoid direct sunlight from 10:00 a.m. in the morning up to 4 p.m. You should also use a sunblock like those with a sun protection factor of 30 and above. You can use a sunblock twice a day because its effect lasts only around four hours.

2. Stop smoking and don’t abuse alcohol. Smoking decreases your cell’s oxygen content and constant puffing will cause wrinkles to form around your mouth area. Similarly don’t abuse alcohol because it can damage your blood vessels and it can dehydrate the skin. Your skin will look dull. So don’t smoke, don’t abuse alcohol.

3. Be conscious of the weather. Skin can be damaged by very hot and very cold weather. Strong wind, dust and pollution can cause wrinkles to form in your face. You should also wear the appropriate clothes.

4. Get enough sleep. Try to get your beauty sleep of seven to eight hours or more in a day. Also don’t sleep flat on your face because this can cause lines to form on your face in the morning. This can also lead to pimples. Sleep flat on your back.

5. Don’t work too much. Be more relaxed, do not worry, be happy.

6. Clean your face skin. Expert says that the secret to beauty is just soap and water but you can also use a facial cleanser or astringent, which could be alcohol-based. They can remove dirt, makeup and excess oil from your face. Also perform skin exfoliation on a regular basis. For this you can use at home microdermabrasion machine.

7. You can use a moisturizer or a lotion. After your take a bath, your skin will feel dry so you can use these lotions and moisturizers to moisturize your skin.

8. Be gentle on your face. Use gentle upward strokes. Don’t do circular motions.

9. The ladies can use makeup with UV filters. They can organize all their makeup and skin care products using this great hanging toiletry bag for women.

10. You have to eat wisely. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables, especially carrots with vitamin A. They can help repair skin. Choose also citrus fruits like oranges and lemon. They have vitamin C that can help skin collagen. Drink enough water, eight to ten glasses of water in a day to keep you hydrated.

For any skin concerns, I would suggest you see your dermatologist.

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