Power Your Brain with One Hour of Table Tennis Daily

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So, you are also interested in powering your brain with table tennis?

Is it really possible?

Well – just like you, I too was a bit curious and didn’t believe in it actually, when my cousin mentioned this, during one of our table tennis sessions. I must admit, that I am a sports freak and love to watch and play table tennis with my custom paddle. I wasn’t quite aware about the amazing power of the game. However, I would feel the fact that playing the game for an hour would certainly make me feel energized, positive and certainly happier. I do believe in the power of sports and its amazing ability to pull us out of all difficult situations. Table Tennis is one such activity, which is certainly good for our general health, mind and our social skills.

My Story – How Table Tennis Powered By Brain:

It was last summer, when I was deeply depressed with the untimely demise of my cousin. I was in complete shock, felt bitter, angry and quite negative. Nothing in the world seemed to be interest me. Even sports were something I was keeping away – during this time, my Dad insisted we play a game every evening. He insisted, he needed to play the game for his fitness and to lose that extra fat around his belly. I knew, he had no one else to play and decided to play the game, for my Dad. It became quite a routine for us – and I started looking forward to the sessions.

I started playing for my Dad, for his health and fitness. I soon started realizing, I was actually feeling better. Though, negativity would often set in, but I was sulking much less. I felt motivated, energized and powered internally. I started waiting for the evenings when I would play the game. It somehow made me feel better. A month later, I realized I was a completely changed person. I did feel sad and depressed, remembering my cousin but it wasn’t overpowering me as earlier.

This was when I started believing in the power of brain and in its ability to control our mood and happiness. You need to play the game to believe it, especially if you are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. It is a good way to power your brain with positivity and goodness, which actually makes us feel stressed and unhappy. Little do we realize that we are stressed out when stress starts controlling our emotions.

Keeps Stress and Anxiety Away:

Stress and anxiety are the two reasons of depression. When a person faces some kind of problem on a regular basis, there is a chance of developing depression. The person keeps thinking about the negative situation or the problem again and again. This has an impact on the body and the brain. In such a situation when a person plays a game of tennis, it helps in getting relief from stress in a short time.

The game of table tennis can be played between groups of friends. It can be played singles between two people and doubles between four people. Thus, whenever there is a group or gathering or get-together, people start to play the game. It helps in keeping the mind diverted from the problems one is facing. Thus, there is a scope of removing anxiety and fear from the mind. This is a good exercise to keep the brain powered and positive. It helps in improving the functioning of the game.

Here are some ways your brain gets powered, when you play a game of tennis on a regular basis.

  • Improves your brain functioning– With an hour of tennis, there is a boost in the blood circulation of your body. Your brain gets the best dose of oxygen and helps you stay healthy and fit. Your brain functioning improves amazingly.
  • Improves concentration – Brain helps in improving the level of concentration. When a player plays the game, it needs a lot of focus and concentration. Since the player concentrates on the strike and pose of the opponent, it helps in improving focus and concentration. Just one hour of table tennis helps to exercise the brain. This helps in improving in improving the attention span of individuals, who play the game on a regular basis.

You do not have to power your brain with medicines or therapies. The game of ping pong is just enough. Try it out and feel it for yourself:

Author: Lisa J.Richie is a table tennis lover and expert. Having spent several years researching on the sports, finding out its health benefits and playing the game, Lisa is all set to help people. She offers reviews, suggestions and recommendations on how to play the game. Her articles are available in https://www.gosportsreviews.com/. This is the best play to find about ping pong equipment and health.

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