Muscle Milk Pro Protein Shake 32G Protein



All About this Protein Shake:-

This is one of the best Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Shakes. This Protein Shake Has a 32Gram of protein per serving to help to support the muscles rebuilding. It helps to Growth your muscles and maintains your muscles of muscle mass. It gives you high-quality protein.

Best fast and Slow releasing proteins. It provides more protein rather than whey Alone. Good thing is that it has a Zero gram of Sugar in Muscle Mik genuine Protein Shake.

This is the Excellent Source of Calcium and Vitamins A, C, and D, Per serving 4 grams of fibre included in this protein shake. Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder – chocolate

Uses Of Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Shake:-

It helps to rebuild the Muscle

Post-workout recovery

Anytime Snack

on the go breakfast

It helps satisfy hunger

Serving size Protein Shake, Chocolate

Serving Size 11 FL.OZ

Protein<<>> 25gram

Calories<<>> 160

Sugar<<>> 0gram

Nutrition Facts Includes 

Amount per Serving calories 160

Total Fat<<>>4.5gram

Saturated Fat<<>>1gram

Trans Fat<<>>0gram



Total Carbhyodrates<<>>8gram

Dietary Fiber<<>> 4gram

Total Sugar<<<>>1gram

Total protein<<>>gram

Vitamins are included in this protein shake:-

Vitamin D<<>> 3mcg




Vitamin A<<>.450mcg

Vitamin C<<<>>23mg



Ingredients included in this Protein shake:-


Milk Protein Isolate

Calcium caseinate

Sodium Caseinate

resistant Maltodextrin

Natural and Artificial flavours

Less Than 1% of Sunflower Oil

Canola Oil

Magnesium Phosphate

Dipotassium phosphate

Cellulose gel

Medium-chain Triglycerides

Potassium Chloride

Sodium Hexametaphosphate


Potassium citrate

Muscle Milk Non-Dairy Protein Shake

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