OLLY Women’s Multivitamin Gummy 90c

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Primary Supplement Type Multivitamins
Brand OLLY
Specific Uses For Product Women’s Multi-Vitamin for Overall Health and Immune Support
Special Ingredients Vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs, Biotin, Folic Acid
Age Range (Description) Adult


OLLY Women’s Multivitamin Gummy 90 Counts

About this item:

Olly is the perfect multi-gummy for women. it includes the 18 essential nutrients. Olly really helps you fill in the gaps when eating habits are less than perfect. It’s full fill the all less nutrition in your body. Consuming a daily dose give’s you a better result.

Olly good inside: 

it contains vitamin B which helps to support energy production, and also includes vitamins A, C and E help to support healthy skin. It includes Vitamin D which helps in calcium to maintain strong bones.

How to Intake?

You can take two gummies daily, no food and water are needed, it’s more like Gummies candy.

This gummy is naturally delicious, naturally flavoured included no artificial colours or flavours included.

These Olly gummies are gluten-free. 90 gummies per bottle and 45-day supply. Delicious Olly products. olly vitamins for women.

Essential Nutrients:-

The benefits of the Olly gummies. These gummies help active ladies and fill the gaps when eating habits are less. Chew two gummies daily to fulfil our nutrients, no food or water is needed. Vitamins support physical and mental energy to power your day. Other vitamins like A, C and E help fight free radicals and support healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin D helps to maintain strong bones. The Blissful Berry Flavour of gummies. Olly gummies are naturally delicious.

B vitamins

It Supports the production of physical and mental energy.


It helps to promote healthy hair skin and nails.


Its Supports a healthy immune system. also Vitamins A and E help to fight free radicals and support healthy glowing skin.

Supplements Facts: 

  • Serving size 2 gummies, serving per container 45
  • Calories<>>><<20
  • Total carbohydrate<<>>4g
  • Vitamin A<<<>>450mcg
  • Vitamin C<<>>>>45mg
  • Vitamin D <<<>>>20mcg
  • Vitammin E<<<>>15mg
  • vitamin B1<<>>>0.12mg
  • Vitamin B2<<<>>>>0.13mg
  • Vitamin B6<<<>>>1.7mg
  • Vitamin B12>>>><<6mcg
  • Biotin D-biotin<<>>>150mcg
  • Calcium <<<<>>>100mg
  • Phosphorus<<<>>>46mg
  • Zinc<<<>>205mg
  • Selenium<<<>>14mcg
  • Chromium<<<>>1705mcg
  • Boron<<<>>500mcg

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9 reviews for OLLY Women’s Multivitamin Gummy 90c

  1. Juan Cabrera

    The whole family uses this. I just wished they were more environmentally-conscious and provide you with refill packets in bags or something like that, instead of having to purchase the thick plastic jar every time.

  2. Shawn

    I’ve always have heard there is people who are paid to write bad reviews on companies and I am a firm believer now. I have 6 different versions of olly vitamins for my family and I and all are wonderful. These DO NOT taste bad in any way no large chunks of sugar neither just tiny little crystals you hardly notice. Please don’t take these bad reviews to heart trust me there full of it, along with the others these vitamins are wonderful

  3. Mama to E & C

    This is my second container of the Olly Women’s Multivitamin. I purchased the first container from the local chain supermarket and was perfectly pleased with the product, so much so that I decided to continue taking the multivitamin. My family loves subscribe and save (the discounts are pretty awesome), so I added this product to our most recent subscribe and save shipment. When I received the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the vitamins were well-protected with two cold packs and a disposable cooler bag; the vitamin container/tub was still cool to the touch, even in the middle of July! When I opened the vitamin bottle and removed the seal, the vitamins were fresh and soft, which made me realize that the bottle that I purchased at the grocery store was a bit stale.The vitamins themselves are tasty, although they do have that distinctive “vitamin smell” (if you ever took chewable vitamins as a kid, you know what I mean). Unlike some other multivitamins, these don’t make my stomach upset, even if I take them on an empty stomach. While, I wouldn’t say that I’ve suddenly had a miraculous increase in energy, I will say that I’m slowly feeling better and can tell when I forget to take my vitamins.

  4. Jennifer

    I was looking for a great woman’s daily vitamin & heard a lot of great things about this brand so decided to try them out. I’ve been taking them almost 3 weeks which I believe is enough time to see “results”. The biggest difference (which I’m glad it helped with) was that my hair was not falling out as much. I was having problems with my hair thinning out and some bald spots. Only giving 4 stars because these things have a really strong vitamin smell. I Originally placed these in my restroom to become a part of my morning routine. Within a couple days of placing them in there my whole restroom had a really strong vitamin smell. I had to move them because it was so overwhelming for such a small space. I leave them in my hallway cabinet & they still stink 🙄 (through the container!!!)

  5. Shawnee

    I personally love these! I’ve ordered a 30 day supply from amazon a couple times. I never forget to take them bc I actually look forward to them!! haha (& on a side note.. I just found a 90 day supply at Sams Club for 19.99! Even better!! 😁)

  6. MomTeacherArtist

    I love these gummies! I found them at CVS but hate trying to remember to buy more so I decided to make them subscribe and save. I’ve taken them and they taste great. I feel better too when I take them regularly. I went through radiation and need to supplement along with eat well to keep my energy up. My picky daughter will even take them so I bought the teen watermelon version and they taste great too. I’m also allergic to various binders and fake sugars in food and meds and these don’t make me sick like a lot of pill vitamins do.

  7. Happy Mommy :-)

    I love these vitamins. And remember, they ARE vitamins. Ever open up the vitamins you swallow? They smell like vitamins. The gummies are just another way to take them. Personally, the flavor has NEVER bothered me. They’re sweet, with a sugary type coating on them. They’re soft and easy to chew. I’ve been taking these for a while and I feel a lot better. We actually use all Olly supplements. We have 6-7 different supplements from their brand and love them all. We will continue to use them. Just re-ordered another multi-vitamin from Amazon and very impressed how they were shipped. They were packed tightly in a box, with two ice packs on each side so they wouldn’t melt! Wow! Can’t wait to buy more from here!

  8. Natalie Siebers

    Great taste. Noticeable dose of biotin. My hair and nails have been growing very rapidly since taking this.

  9. Alayna

    I took the entire 90 count bottle and nothing weird happened to me! For context I am a 30 year old female. I was hesitant after reading reviews on these vitamins to try them. I have acne prone skin and these did not make my breakouts any worse then normal. My hair didn’t fall out either. I actually feel great! More energy then normal. I’m seeing a lot of complaints on the taste of these. I’m not sure people realize that these are vitamins, not candy. They taste fine. They smell strongly like vitamins but the actual flavor is not bad at all. I have a hard time swallowing large pills so gummies are much easier for me and these work great for that purpose. I will continue to use these vitamins. If something wild happens to me I’ll update my review. But for now they seem to work fine as a daily multivitamin.

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